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Laurie Justus Pace

Running Colors After the Rain

36 x 48 Inches Oil on Canvas

When we go through stressful situations, there is always a safe place for us to retreat to. Mine has been my art and watching my grandchildren. My oldest granddaughter paints with me. We have spent lots of time with her sidewalk chalk before and after the rains.  So if I had to retreat somewhere it would be to this safe place. Thanks to Art Andranikyan and Will Carpenter for sharing their beautiful music newly released "UP" 

Music by Ships Have Sailed "Clouds".

UP... Click here for itunes link. 


Out of the Woods

36 x 60 Inches Oil on Canvas

Deep in the Woods the colors blend with the energy of the wind and the animals that live within the trees. In this painting three wolves emerge from the woods, still colored in the disguise from the reflections of colors around them. Thanks to Daniel Hange, Art Andranikyan and Will Carpenter for sharing their beautiful music.

Music by Ships Have Sailed "Clouds".


The Awakening

38 x 58 Inches Oil on Canvas

The Awakening was created for a very special woman that experiences only the best in every moment in her life. "We do not go to heaven we grow to heaven. It is not a physical location, nor a journey. It is an awakening." From the murky muddy waters blooms the beautiful Lotus flower. Each of us has this power within pulling from all of our life experiences.  Bloom.  Bloom from the depths of your heart.

 Music: Andante by Claude Debussy performed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach


Follow the Way of Love

30 x 40 Inches Oil on Canvas

A family grown and thriving in God's love....  praises His name, enjoys their home and their life and their horses. With a collection of verses for the foundation of the painting, along with a smattering of music from Classical to Elvis, I began the process of sketches and then painting. Along the way the painting took a few turns and I held my breath and worked forward. The circle of the family fell into place and the colors began to balance with the home.



Red Hill at Sunrise  

32 x 48 Inches Oil on Canvas  

The challenge was a vertical painting.  The second challenge was horses vertical.  The muse was to use very loose compiled paint in layers forming up the background, the horses and the foreground. Using my signature colors across the surface, nature appears in full bloom.

Painted to the Music of Andrew Swift, "I'll Keep What You Say" on the video. 


Deep of Night  

3 x 4 ft  Oil on Canvas  

The energy was present in the first wash on the canvas and I never looked back. The contrast of dark blue and russet oranges just sent my heart a pounding as I painted this gorgeous horse painting in oil.

There is something about someone telling me I need to do something that just is not in sync with my soul and my heart. This is one that came from deep within.

The Power of Three   (Music Night Ascent by Bill Nash)

30 x 40 inches Oil on Canvas  Donated Painting to Amazing Wings.

The Power of Three is a painting donated to the Amazing Wings Therapeutic Center in Goodrich,

My thanks is to God for the amazing gift I am blessed with to create and paint. Secondly to Bill Nash, Dallas Writer and Musician for the use of his song "Night Ascent". 


The Lone Wolf Jackson 

40 x 60 inches Oil on Canvas

Wolves and Nature have always been woven together in my paintings. It is difficult to have one without the other.  The earthtones that supply and fill out the background and foreground are the same palette colors that make up the wolf in my paintings.  

Most of my wolf pieces are horizontal.  This one is unusual because it is vertical.  Please enjoy the video of the painting of The Lone Wolf Jackson

Jumpin In  (Music by Andrew Swift)

30 x 40 Inches Oil on Canvas Available

Jumpin In by Artist Laurie Pace A colorful journey into a painting with Texas Artist Laurie Pace. The journey begins with scripture on the surface following a wipe of acrylic to prime the white canvas. Lots of meditation follows, then sketches, and then the painting begins. Palette Knife is the 'weapon' of choice when meeting the surface. Empty tubes of paint become casualties as the piece progresses. Finally the color and energy fall into place with 'Jumpin In'. © Laurie Pace  May 2015 

Music by Andrew Swift "Her Melody"

Neither Black or White    

36 x 36 inches Oil on Canvas  Available at La Jolla Gallery.

This is the third painting in my Black and White Series entitled "Neither Black or White".  From a simple composition of neutral grays, black and white... with concentration on form and design, came two horses to stand strong, one looking up and one looking down.  This has been a challenging series working with limited color when I am accustomed to stunning contrasting color combinations in my paintings.  I am enjoying the exploration of simplicity with the neutral grays and playing with select pinches of color.

Crossing the Rio Grande (Display by Andrew Swift)

8 x 5 ft Oil on Canvas

This colorful painting was the second complete for the Houston Law Firm. The weave of line and color created what seemed to be an ever changing scene. This is most common in the weather patterns in the great state of Texas. 

His Way

48 x 48 Inches Oil on Canvas

Not often do I get to paint for a love story! This was a delightful 8 days creating and studying this piece as it came together.  I love knitting together the music and love of two people into a painting. Fresh stunning colors (minus yellow) with movement and energy. A home filled with love and God awaits this beauty when it ships. 


Music by  Will Carpenter Ships Have Sailed "Cloud".


Rocky Mountain Break of Day

38 x 58 Inches Oil on Canvas

I absolutely loved painting this beautiful Rocky Mountain piece. It was a surprise gift, totally involved family all around in pulling it together, and a husband who made sure it happened. This is what makes my heart smile. 

Music by  Will Carpenter Ships Have Sailed "Cloud".


Buffalo Day Break

36 x 48 Inches Oil on Canvas

The request of a buffalo painting tied into my friends three sons. He and I mashed out the details and on the foundation of the piece is Matthew 5:3-12 and a quote from Donald Miller. The energy of the painting came from: "If a warrior was renamed after a vision or great hunting or war accomplishment, and his new name included the word "buffalo," it meant that the buffalo was his supernatural helper, or that he exhibited the strength of a buffalo, or that he was an extraordinary hunter. In other words, the name described the powers of the man."

Music by  Will Carpenter Ships Have Sailed "The Tide".


A'Lys' Afternoon Tulips

30 x 40 inches Oil on Canvas 

Rolling with the spirit on this one. The first foundation was a well loved Bible verse and then a light gesso coat and the first paint hit the surface.  Working with translucents, a day in and I knew it was not working. The three large tulips were not the story I spiritually felt.  They seem to overwhelm the canvas. Watch the progress through the final paint and enjoy the journey as the red tulips bloom in the soft spring afternoon sun.

Music was the Apple music when I made the slide show.



Shooting Star

32 x 48 inches Oil on Canvas 

I think you will find as you watch this video, the joy and freedom in the painting as it developed a strong personality. This was specifically painted to head to Mirada Fine Art in Denver, part of a new collision of colors in my work. It brings in the basic colors in nature by mixing together all of the different colors on my palette. The mixing is on the canvas itself and the direction is up to the palette knife and the composition that forms as I work. 



Tetons First Snow

24 x 48 inOil on Canvas 

This painting struggled as I began because I was forcing my will and plans into the mix and not allow the spirit of the paint to work on its own. It began as a wolf, and I wanted to create an equine piece, but the paint won out with a small group of Buffalo.

Enjoy the colors from my palette reflecting the earth and the process as I painted. 


Native Herd Sunrise

3 x 4 ft  Oil on Canvas 

Inspired by the beauty of the early morning dawn and my favorite color purple. This painting was a challenge as I worked in four colors to lay in the basic painting. The next move was to spice it up slightly with my signature colors bringing energy into the piece.

Blessings fill this painting as it begins a new day in my studio and in your life.



Haunted Mesa

48 x 48 Inches Oil on Canvas 

Inspired by the writings of Louis L'Amour, my Haunted Mesa is by the Buffalo of long ago that roamed the plains so freely. You can see their images at sunrise as they cross the Mesa.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did painting it!  The beginning layers are book pages, followed by Acrylic overlays and then thick rich Oils creating the shimmery effects on the canvas.                                                                  


Never Ending Love  (music by Andrew Swift)

3 ft x 4 ft  Oil on Canvas Available at La Jolla Gallery.

Ever Changing should have been the name of this painting. The energy soared and simmered and took off several times before I found the truth in the journey. First named Unending Love now Never Ending Love.  It began with squiggles of paint... grew from there. Watch the journey- three paintings from a simple beginning; the last is the most powerful and the 'truth' in the journey of discovery.
Thanks to Andrew Swift for his music "Her Melody" 
Andrew Swift:


Midnight Rendezvous Dinner Table for Two

36 x 36 Oil on Canvas

This piece began as horses in a basic form. Immediately I decided to take it out another door and play with wolves. When there is no planned destination it allows for experimentation and play.  From the wolves under the full moon we arrived back at scraping and pushing the paint back into some incredible horses. 

Reverence to the Sun  (music by Andrew Swift)

30 x 30 inches Oil on Canvas

Capturing a unique spirit of color and energy using the palette knife and paint, this Colorado commissioned painting was built around the personalities of two unique individuals.  It brings together in this composition their lives and the spirit of their marriage and their home. 

Precious in His Sight  (Night Ascent by Bill Nash)

 32 x 48 Oil on Canvas

Texas Artist Laurie Pace donated this unique equine painting for a live auction for Palette to Palate in Dallas, Texas summer 2013. This was a wonderful Fundraiser for the children of the Dallas area.

San Jacinto River Stand  (My Back Yard by Andrew Swift)

8 x 5 ft Oil on Canvas

This unusual piece as a beautiful journey of color and discovery. It hangs in a Law Firm in Houston, Texas. The firm commissioned three paintings, two were 8 x 5 ft in size and the third was a triptych of mixed media and a simple river bank.  All of the paintings were based on well known rivers in the state of Texas. 

Every Second Holds a Lifetime of Inspiration.                                                                              

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