Counting the Generations


“Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.” George Orwell

Counting the generations in our family makes me realize how blessed we are to share our lives together. My mother, the family matriarch, will be turning 90 this summer. She has touched the lives of every member in this family for many generations past and current. She has loved on seven great grandchildren and has number eight on its way this May.

Our family is close as the grandparent generation and the parent (our adult children) generation. Our youngest son lives next door with his family, which includes his wife and young son. Our daughter lives three blocks away with her hubby and two daughters. Our eldest son lives about an hour south with his two boys and he has the third one on the way. Sitting back in my mid-sixties is truly a picnic to watch all of them evolve and live their lives.

We all have our battles to face in life each day. The Lord remains our steadfast guide in this life journey and he shelters from as many storms as he can. He gifts us with the beautiful family we have as they love and support us.

Our family is truly a treasure from God. We are blessed to be a close knit supportive group, ready in an instant to provider support or love. Our faith carries us through these times as we serve each other the best we can. Seems like God trusts us with this special family love because we are part of his family.

In this time we live, the world has become a challenging place, often demanding more than we have, dealing out pressures and obligations we may struggle with. Our family helps us remain steady and stable through not just the bad times, but the celebrating of all the wonderful good times. The Lord provides each of us with gifts to support and serve others with.

Keeping up with each other, supporting and caring and making time to spend it together is all part of the responsibility of being family. We are tied together emotionally and spiritually.

Even when the demands of everyday life are great, we must never forget that we have been entrusted with a profound responsibility: the responsibility of contributing to our family’s emotional and spiritual well-being. It’s a big job, but with God’s help, we can be up to the task.

“Choose for yourselves today the one you will worship . . . . As for me and my family, we will worship the Lord.” – Joshua 24:15


Laurie Justus Pace

Child of God, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Artist, Musician, and Writer.