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Evening Shadows and Stars . Touch me in the Moonlight . Horse Painting by Laurie Pace

Evening Shadows and Stars . Touch me in the Moonlight 

Garth was playing in the background... like four different albums during the first day of this paint. I finished it up to Alan Jackson and some gospel music. This painting was FUN FUN FUN to do. Every stroke of my knife was play and discovery. I am leaning in more to enjoy the process and let things happen with the paint. 

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A Moment . Not Tomorrow . Today . Laurie Pace . God

A MOMENT IN TIME...something is crawling through the air.... and I do not want to touch it. Makes you say 'HUH?' 

Sometimes I just sit and meditate and ask 'Why' because I do not get what is happening at that moment.  It could be a painting conflict, a personal conflict, an untimely conflict; it could be anything unexpected that makes you think, Why?

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Looking Forward. La Jolla Gallery . Laurie Pace . Never Ending Love

Looking Forward with Never Ending Love.  I have to take a step backwards to 2014 and the last week of the year. I was in the midst of trying to get something shipped to the La Jolla Gallery. I did ship out two black and white pieces painted in November but Liz wanted some larger pieces.   What you see above it the finished piece.  What you see next is part of the paintful process.

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