Good Guys Wear White, Right?

“Eve: Anyway, thanks for riding to the rescue. You need a white hat. Good guys wear white, right?
Roarke: I look better in black.” ― J.D. Robb, Treachery in Death

So this is the guy in the white hat... he is in the lead and he is in the light.  He has plunged through the ribbon at the finish line and nothing but calm lays before him as he breaks into the peace.

When was the last time you felt you had ARRIVED?  That for the moment and maybe a day... you are safe, good and it feels like nothing could happen.  Those are rare times. Life and the years I have lived remind me of that. Just when you think you are there... something gives.  God's sense of humor amazes me.  Meanwhile I am still working on this painting. I will post a almost finished progress shot tomorrow...but it is in the 'baking stage' as I watch it waiting to see if I feel like it is complete.

 "Too long have I lived among those who hate peace." Psalm 120:6