Each Scene in my Life ended with a Cliffhanger. . .

CliffHangers 36 x 36 inches oil on canvas ©Laurie Pace 2017

CliffHangers 36 x 36 inches oil on canvas ©Laurie Pace 2017

“It was like my life hung on the chapters of a novel - and each scene ended in a cliffhanger.” 
― Phaedra Weldon, Geist

With a bit of tweaking... I finished this painting and it will either be in the new gallery opening in Salt Lake City in February OR it will be on my website.  

Have you had many of those cliffhanging moments in life? What happened?  Most of mine use to show up in dreams. Lately those moments have faded into the past. It is best to let things go and let God take care of them.  

In my readings over the past five years, the most important thing I have learned is NOT to react in kind when someone is in a negative place, even if they are attacking you.  Things escalate and feelings are torn into pieces and often lives are too.  There is no 'win' for either person when this happens.  When you learn to look at the person with kindness in your heart and your voice, you can diffuse any situation. God is part of your heart and his love is passed through you.  It truly reduces the number of cliffhanging moments or 'scenes' in life. 

Live in God's Word.  Live by His Word. Speak His word. Act His word. Exemplify His word. 

Live in God's love.  Speak God's love and act with His love.  

Acts 15:9 “He did not discriminate between us and them, for he purified their hearts by faith.”