A Garden in My Heart ...

“Within my heart a garden grows, wild with violets and fragrant rose. bright daffodils line the narrow path, my footsteps silent as i pass. sweet tulips nod their heads in rest; i kneel in prayer to seek Gods best. for round my garden a fence stands firm to guard my heart so i can learn who should enter, and who should wait on the other side of my locked gate. i clasp the key around my neck and wonder if the time is yet. if i unlocked the gate today, would you come in? or run away?” ― Robin Jones Gunn

One of my thoughts two summers ago was if my heart was a contained garden within a white picket fence in my backyard... how much weeding was necessary to keep my garden fresh and blooming and clear of brambles and weeds tangling into the healthy growth?  I think we all have unhealthy things in our lives and often we cling to them instead of plucking them out and discarding them. We seem to want to be entangled and just try to stay strong and bloom while the negative things are choking us out. 

This painting was a gift for a friend here in Texas.  She is a young lawyer with her life ahead of her. It is to hang in her bedroom and I wanted it to be a full garden, no weeds, and beautiful tulips blooming.  She allowed me free reign to paint what I wanted with her stipulation being tulips and coral colors.   My heart is in this piece... and it was an honor to share with you the progress this week.  

Promise me you will look at your heart garden and see what weeds need to be pulled.

Israel, put your hope in the LORD both now and forevermore.  Psalm 131:3