Shine On

Sunflower Trio © Laurie Pace 2007 Sold

Sunflower Trio © Laurie Pace 2007 Sold

“We're all golden sunflowers inside.” ― Allen Ginsberg

Are you golden inside?  You bet your are!  Each of us has gifts that are often hidden and we do not even think about developing them or sharing them.  What might you be hiding? 

If you never try something you never will know and you do not want to miss out on living life as you should be.  I am the worst at climbing out of the box.  I am a homebody.  But I also know if I do not take risks I am not living up to my fullest potential... and that does not mean 'glory' for me, but the giving of my gifts and sharing of them to others in this journey.  

"We become most truly human in the measure in which we go out of ourselves and give ourselves for the sake of others…as fashioned in the image of the divine."  Avery Dulles, “John Paul II and the Truth about Freedom

Let that 'gift' shine. 

"There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them." 1 Corinthians 12:4