What! You Too?

A Moment © 2006 Laurie Pace

A Moment © 2006 Laurie Pace

“Friendship ... is born at the moment when one man says to another "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” ― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

I cannot believe it is almost the end of the first week in July.  If you have not followed me long, let me be the first to tell you I am not a warm weather person.  I am one of THOSE people that keep the air cool in the house and prefer to be in long sleeves or with a flannel shirt on.  I sleep with blankets and quilts.   If you are one of THOSE people... what.. .you too? I thought that no one but myself... liked huddling under covers at night.  So I have my countdown to the first cool front usually hitting Texas sometime in Sept or early Oct that knocks the night time back into the sixties.  Right now we are 100 plus every day and it is already old. No rain... just drought and hot winds. 

Meanwhile the "rest" we have had without toddling after baby Noah has been amazing.  We sleep in or stay up late at night. We do not have to rush through breakfast... I get to walk for thirty min on my treadmill and not feel rushed.  We can clean house without worries and run errands at the drop of a hat and not around his napping schedule. We only have a few weeks to decide if we will take him for the fall and spring for another year.  My heart says YES of course.  My mind says, NO... are you crazy?  

What would you do? Would you keep your 9 month old grandchild if you have the opportunity? We love watching him change and grow but you know it would be for 45-46 hours a week. That takes TWO of us to do it.  He is very advanced. Crawls like a spider on his feet and his arms. Pulls up and walks around furniture.  He is fast too.  Strong legs because of it. I can only guess he will walk early. We got to watch Lady M from six months up to almost a year as they lived with us. That was incredible being part of her life. We miss Noah so much right now we find ourselves flying next door just to spend five minutes with him here and there. 

Last week we went to a badge earning trip with our eldest granddaughter, Lady L... whose artwork is on this site.  She Is an American Heritage Girl. (We really like the foundation of this group... started in Cincinnati in 1995 and based on our faith.)  She was our doting favorite until others grands were born. (Of course our eldest grand turns 19 next month) Now we have three more below her. SO at age 7... she has begun her LIFE... and we see her a little less.  So the day was nicely spent studying animals, their care and deciding what pet she would buy if she could and the costs involved. After that we treated her to lunch at a new restaurant and she felt like the princess of the day!  

Make someone feel special today. Take the time to call, hug, kiss or do something unique special for a person that takes you time and effort. It is worth it!

"But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, 5 made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved." Ephesians 2:4-5