Night Watch

Night Watch 24 x 24  © Laurie Pace 2016

Night Watch 24 x 24  © Laurie Pace 2016

“Night poured over the desert. It came suddenly, in purple. In the clear air, the stars drilled down out of the sky, reminding any thoughtful watcher that it is in the deserts and high places that religions are generated. When men see nothing but bottomless infinity over their heads they have always had a driving and desperate urge to find someone to put in the way.” ― Terry Pratchett, Jingo

Human nature for sure. Not wanting to be alone and when you see something catastrophic heading for you, you tend to not want to encounter it first... Night Watch... appropriate for those who keep the watch to keep us safe at night.

For me God is Night Watch, and Day Watch.... He is 24 hours a day watch.  Even in the darkest of nights... His light and His hope are there for those that believe in Him to find their way as He will guide us through the darkest times.  In the Bible study I am doing called the Armor of God,  it is the realization of how much He is at my side ALL THE TIME.  If I am not plugged into Him or connected through prayer and conversation with Him... I cannot draw from that protection and guidance. The power is the connection... the connection should not be broken. 

You will find that God gives us each power to handle all our rising situations and to keep a peaceful good attitude. You can get through the storms of life with the presence of peace if you stayed plugged in to Him.  Sometimes if you reach a point in your life where the pressure is pushing against you and you are ready to give up, God is not coming through because you are simply unplugged.  Time to check your connection.  

"But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble. " James 4:6