Patches - Inside or Out?

“Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.” ― Marcel Proust, Swann's Way

As I was sewing a patch to Terry's jeans... he is working in the attic at the new house across the street and he ripped the knee in his work jeans... I found he tried to do an iron patch to the knee area.   I pulled out my thread and heavy needle and began to try and whip stitch the mess so the patch would not pull off as it was loose and not adhering to the jean surface.  I did NOT realize he handed me his jeans inside out as I carefully stitched the edges.  I then realized he had not only handed them to me inside out, but he had ironed a patch on both sides. ???????

I cut the back patch off and then realized... I was fixing the patch from the inside. I had cut the front patch off.  After I completed the circle, I flipped his jeans back right side out and started darning together the loose threads of the jean that had not adhered to the patch. 

I began to question, which is better, inside or outside for the patch? Probably a matter of taste or sewing skills.  If you put the patch on the inside, less patch shows, but you still need, ideally to sew down the edges of the hole so that it does not continue to enlarge and become a bigger problem as well as bigger eyesore.

If you put the patch on the outside, it might actually be more obvious if it is a small patch. If you make a large patches that a larger area, from side seam to side seam, it can actually be less obvious. 

There may be a comfort factor, too, I would find smaller patches more annoying than big ones whose edges fell on the sides where the seams of the jeans are already. But you might find small patches less annoying. For me it is kind of like getting used to a bothersome tag in the neck of a shirt.

SOOO the long way around find me reflecting back to ourselves as humans.  When you have gone through a horrible situation that has left you tattered and torn, how do you patch yourself up?  On the outside or the inside?  As I sat stitching his jeans I reflected on our human patching.  

For me I would think from the inside, from my heart where God is.  Only he can heal my pain and only when I am ready to stop carrying that pain.   Some folks patch on the outside. They keep up their smiles and look like that train never ran over them.  Do they ever get better? When you patch on the inside it is different. It is more like a healing. It may take a few days but the "Patch" roots itself like a graft pulling back together the broken pieces.  God mends it so well the patched area is not ever weak, it is stronger. 

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Psalm 147:3