God's Beautiful Miracle to Me.

"She is a gift that keeps on giving back to all of us.  She is a God's beautiful miracle to me... she never ceases to amaze me and I give thanks daily having this beautiful daughter. Life changes when you have children and even more when you have a daughter. "  Laurie Pace
She was the rose between the thorns!

She was the rose between the thorns!

Today is her birthday and like my other children, I have to celebrate this day on my blog and share it with you. Last year we did a huge surprise party but right now there is too much going on to try and pull anything like it off again. 

She grew up between two brothers.  She was a constant defender and protector for both of them and still is today. She loves with all her heart, body and soul.  She is a fierce defender of family. 

Her two daughters are as different as night and day.  One is seven and one just turned one.  They do not look alike or act alike, but what they share is that same love of family and of each other. She is a wonderful mother and wife.  I only worry she does not take care of herself as she should, something so common in women that love so fiercely. 

My favorite picture of the trio as they got older is this last one.  She was a rocking teen with a thirst for life, a keen sense of right and wrong and loved her friends with a similar passion as her family.  

She carries all this forward into her family today.  Everyday brings laughter and happiness and finding the good in the day and in the people you encounter in that day.  I worry with the world as untrustworthy as it has become, that it will be hard to teach her daughters to reach out with compassion safely to help others. She has a different world to grow these daughters in.  God be willing, I will see them grow into beautiful young women that find their way through life with love, compassion and respect for others. 

“Behold, everyone who uses proverbs will use this proverb about you: ‘Like mother, like daughter.’  Ezekiel 16:44

Happy Birthday my sweet girl.