If you wait for the moment . . .

New Years Eve 1966

New Years Eve 1966

“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.” ― Ivan Turgenev

New Years Eve.  The close of 2016.  We are going to have breakfast out to eat Waffles. Waffles are rare indeed in our home but something I have been craving... so Terry wanted to make sure I got them in this year. 

Little did I know when this boy/man kissed me in 1966 that we would be here today fifty years later at 2016. 

Want to know one of the most special moments for me in our marriage?  We did not marry until 1991.  Both of us went different directions in our life and came back together years later through God's plan.  The Christmas of 1991 is one I will remember always. 

We bought a home in Argyle, Texas and were closing on it Dec 27th.  Terry was still working up in Tulsa preparing to move and transfer down just that week. The kids were with their dad in Nacogdoches so I flew up to Tulsa and Terry picked me up at the airport around four in the afternoon. It was dreadfully cold... and cloudy.   The flight was booked beyond belief and I made it on Standby... and I am not sure how. 

We arrived at his small efficiency apartment and it was basically packed up for the move that next few days. We ate a quick bite of dinner there at the apartment and then decided to go drive around and look at lights.  

We were out in his Mr Red Truck.  We passed by a grocery store that was closed just like everything else back then. There was none of this shop till midnight stuff on Christmas Eve.  There were Christmas Trees piled on top of each other ready to be picked up two days later by a trash truck. Terry pulled Mr Red Truck up and I watched from the cab as he flipped through a few of discarded trees to find the perfect one...and he hoisted it carefully into the bed of the truck.  I was laughing in amazement.  He grinned at me proudly as he climbed back into the warm truck cab.  I said, 'What will we decorate it with?"... he drove around another twenty minutes and found a small convenience store still open but with only ten minutes before it closed at eight p.m.  We bought two boxes of Fruit Loops and a ball of string, along with a hot coffee and hot cocoa.

We headed back to the apartment and I helped carry the tree in and we got it set up and covered the wooden cross it was mounted to with an old towel not yet packed.  Terry ran back out for the fruit loops and string in the truck and we went to work stringing the colorful fruit loops while listening to Christmas music on the radio.  He had not finished packing up his small model airplanes that he builds.  So we each chose four to hang on our tree.  I took some toilet paper and twisted it into ribboned pieces to accent the garlands of fruit loops and the little planes painted in their vivid colors were our ornaments.   

There was no fireplace, just two crazy in love people enjoying their first married Christmas. We had no wrapped gifts for each other...but we did have something better... a lifetime of memories behind us and ahead of us new days to make new memories.  We relaxed sharing memories of prior Christmas' we shared as young teens, time spent in our churches and with our families...and of course junior high and high school school Christmas dances we attended together.  

Now we were writing a new chapter in our love story and what a treasured beginning it was. We laid together in each other's arms on the couch with a hall light on... and the window light lit up the tree. The frost was on the windows late that night as we fell asleep together on the couch.  

This year 2016 we put up our fake tree and drug out all the family ornaments and he decorated our mantle and hung a beautiful wreath above it with the manager scene on the mantle with poinsettia and ribbons.  The pieces of the 25 years of marriage and the 50 years of love and friendship all woven together.  ( I told him next year we were doing a real tree.... and just maybe I might snag two boxes of fruit loops.)

Here it will be 2017 tomorrow. Our story will go on wrapped in the arms, trust and love of God our Father and the love and comfort of our family and friends.

May you be safe this evening and give thanks for the year that passes tonight and  welcome the new year coming in.  Anything is possible and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH GOD.

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27