The ghost that lives here . . .

The only ghost that lives in this home is the Holy Ghost.

I skipped posting a painting for Halloween, but I am posting the 'art' of carving.  I normally do not post on Mondays but had this photo from a few years ago and I love it.  We usually have a pumpkin carving or a GOURD party, Bring your own Gourd.... guests brought their favorite gourds and some brought little jigsaws to use on them.  It is always fun and Terry cooks up the best chili. Could not do it this year as we have had zero time to work on the house and the backyard taking care of baby Noah. 

When I think of the Holy Ghost for me... I believe that is the part of God that lives inside of me spiritually.  God is everywhere... and the spirit of the Holy Ghost is here all the time inside my body, heart and mind.  This presence is felt throughout the day and night. God has always been generous with His love and gifts.  For Terry and I, we celebrate His Word each day and make it the thread that creates the fabric of our lives. Each day I read a bit from different areas and spend time in the book as a whole grasping the overall feeling and not just 'grabbing a verse'. 

I was recently reading in the book of Philemon.  I cannot honestly say I have been there often, but in my new studies I am discovering a width and depth to His Word that I have never known. The theme of this book is forgiveness and reconciliation. Paul writes from jail reaching out to us. Carrying on with issues and arguments is nothing but a drain to everyone.  Wasted energy.  

Draw on the Holy Spirit within you today to bring you comfort as well as guidance throughout the day. Think about things you have done that might need to seek forgiveness from someone, and for things you might forgive others of doing to you.

Philemon 1:8  "Therefore, altho I have the full right in Christ to order you to do what is proper, my boldness comes through Christ Jesus."