All Find What They Truly Seek...

In the Garden, Sisters   Laurie Pace 2005

In the Garden, Sisters   Laurie Pace 2005

"All find what they truly seek."  C. S. Lewis

There was a story to this painting.  I have two versions of it.  The first one 24 x 30,  sold off ebay ten years ago.  One of the bidders was so upset not getting it that she bought another painting I had up at the same time..   I would not know that this collector would be diagnosed with brain cancer five years later and would die within that year.  Her husband contacted me two years later to repaint a large version of this painting for him to hang in their home.  He missed her so much and only he knew how much she wanted the original painting. It reminded her of herself and her sister growing up together before times of family stress and problems.  It was a deeply spiritual thing for him and it became that for me as well. 

It was a wonderful commission experience as we corresponded by phone and by SNAIL mail.  He did not do internet at all. He was a farmer.  They had their farm up north in Ohio and their home further south. He had built her this beautiful new home and they had been there only a short time when she was diagnosed. When I received his letters they were full of stories of her life and how they met. He send pictures, verses, prayers poems and writings of hers.  I felt like I knew her intimately. Finishing the painting brought tears to me... and sending it framed, all 36 x 48 inches of it in an even larger frame... found it arriving and being hung in the massive front entry hall so as anyone entered the house they saw and felt the SPIRIT of the painting.

Tom was upset with how everything collapsed around him. As a farmer of many generations, his farmland in its location was untouched by the effects of the industrial revolution. Where she grew up and lived near the eastern border ... there was a high rate of brain tumors with this aggressive cancer among women 20-45.  From his knowledge, he knew he had to test the soil and the areas in the region to find out what was involved and he did.  It was so sad to watch him process all this information and being a man of God, know that there was simply nothing he could do about it.  At times I felt his hopelessness.  

God does not want us to be hopeless.   We all find what we seek in life. If we are negative and expect the worst, the worst it will be.  If we are positive and look for the best outcomes... they will occur.  They may not be easy coming, but they will come.  Change is constant. The only thing we can control is how we react to change.  

Do you find what you truly seek?

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. Psalm 105:4