Tall Tales of Texas

Tall Tales of Texas © 2012 Laurie Pace

Tall Tales of Texas © 2012 Laurie Pace

“The road and the tale have both been long, would you not say so? The trip has been long and the cost has been high... but no great thing was ever attained easily. A long tale, like a tall Tower, must be built a stone at a time.” ― Stephen King, The Dark Tower

What have you built of your life? What is the tale to tell of your life's journey? What stands out strong and good and what do you hide that no one knows? 

I have my regrets... one very deep one and another one almost as deep.  I was young with one of them and very inexperienced. The other I was older and made the decision based on all the information I could gather.  Would I have made a different choice with these if I had the chance? The second one no, but the first one, probably.  But if I had not made that original decision I would not have my three children or my five grandchildren. God allows us freedom to make decisions in our lives and sometimes we take a path that is not what He would choose for us, but we will make the journey and eventually catch up to His plan.

My life has been built carefully with every stone I have chosen along the process. Some stones are stronger and some are weaker. Some choices were stronger and some were weaker. I would not go back and do it again. 

For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6