72 HOURS....

72 Hours... his dream came true for 72 Hours.  He loved this car.  We bought it for my birthday and his birthday and all the Christmases for the next five years...but only had it for 72 hours.

His birthday is today. I only wish we still had this car.  He loved it.  What was the problem?  I could not ride in it. I could drive it, but not ride in it. The suspension did something to my lower back and legs that was beyond painful.  When we bought it and drove it home, I was riding and in tremendous pain on that two hour trip. 

,Long story very short, we could not keep it. He still wishes he had the car and I still watch for one to buy for him but I think we missed the window. The kids all ask me what to get him for birthday, but I have no idea. With our downsizing and joining of families, we are basically purging down to basics.  He had one back in 1970... a REAL one as he says.  I dare not try Ebay for anything. If it happens it will be a newer model.

So today, we will go to his favorite restaurant, Uncle Julio's... and maybe snag my Mom... as her birthday is tomorrow.  All the kids will come with the grands.  What fun.  

I have known this man since I was 11 years old. I am 62, so that is over fifty years.  He captured my heart the first day I saw him in Jr High. Our years have been richly blessed and we are more in love today than yesterday.  

Once in a lifetime if you are blessed you find that soulmate people always dream about. Terry Pace I am so thankful for you in my life and all the wonderful things you gift each of us with each day.  While I am sorry there is no Challenger outside on the driveway, I can promise lots of love in the years to come. 


"Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." 2 Corinthians 1:2


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