To be a child one more time on a summer's day...

Summer Horse One 2012 © Laurie Pace SOLD

Summer Horse One 2012 © Laurie Pace SOLD

“I'd give all the wealth that years have piled,  the slow result of life's decay,  To be once more a little child  for one bright summer day.”  ― Lewis Carroll

Since I took a slight break from painting, I will fill in with some small collectibles that sold the first summer I did them. I painted and sold 100 horses in 100 days and I sold every single one of them.  Right now with the adjustment to double families in one home, Painting is not as easy.  

I love this quote from Lewis Carroll.  Watching my six year old granddaughter brings back a kaleidoscope of memories, from riding bikes, to playing in near by fields and climbing trees... getting up early to ride our bikes to the neighborhood pool for free swim at eight every morning. Treasured memories of the carefree time of summer, with no school and absolutely few responsibilities.   While I would never go back and want to live this life again, I am blessed today with my husband and family, my gifts from the Father, and the pure joy of each day. Learning to slow down and really appreciate every moment has been an eye opener.  

Last week Terry announced we were going to JC Penneys.  I looked at him cross eyed I am sure. I had a slight sinus headache and intended to paint that morning.  We had not been in JC Penneys in probably two or three years, and then it was for baby clothes and towels. NEVER for clothes. 

I took a breath and remembered the Bible study that morning about trusting the day and events and allow them to unfold without controlling them. I let out my breath and said "Sure, but let me change out of my painting clothes."   We had the choice of the JC Penneys in Denton, TX or the one south in Keller, TX.   He chose to go north to the Denton Mall. We shopped there regularly 20 plus years ago, but not in the last ten years.  The mall is undergoing a facelift and Penney's was pretty nice with its total update.  We spent two hours milling around the store as he tried on shirts and found new underwear.  We discovered a school uniform skirt for Lady L and we were so appreciative of the store employees and the wonderful store manager.  We left with our spirits lifted, sales galore made shopped way more than affordable.  Coming home we locked hands as we drove and chatted away about the world, our family and how truly blessed we were.  Made me fall in love with him all over again. 

Why was that store so great for us?  We have never really bought clothes or shopped much at Penneys, but the employees at the Denton JC Penneys made our trip special. It was like coming home to friends that welcomed you. We visited about families and church with people we had never met before, but will know when we return. 

If I had pled 'Headache' and not gone, we would have missed out  on a wonderful morning and a fabulous lunch.  We laughed about being carefree, like when we were kids in the summer...but now it is with more aches and pains and a touch of 'old'. 

Even to your old age I am he, and to gray hairs I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save.  Isaiah 46:4

Abundance, Laurie