Through the Fog...

Through the Fog ©2015  Laurie Pace

Through the Fog ©2015  Laurie Pace

The paint is piled high... sometimes so high you cannot see what you have. When you try to drive in a thick fog, you strain your eyes to see through the misty haze, using more intuitive awareness than actual visual awareness.  Scary isn't it?

This little collectors piece edges on my Black and White series in miniature. As the paint fell to the surface I felt the movement of the horse more than I actually saw it. My heart knew what to do before my vision did. Learning to trust your intuitive awareness is often difficult.

Be centered in your life. Be guided by peace and inner light and not by all the situations pulling at you. Find your way through the fog!


"Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I believe in your commandments." Psalm 119:66