Haunting? How it began.

This is the beginning of an underlying of book pages on this huge 48 x 48 inch canvas.  It is a story ready to be told. The book is "Haunted Mesa" by Louis L'Amour.  I often used L'Amours paperback novels as the underlying coats before I begin to paint.  I wanted this piece to have a complete feeling from the beginning to end.

The day after, I took the canvas up to my studio and began to work with my favorite colors.  Blues and purples and violets.... building into shadows and shapes.  

The next few days you get to feel like a part of this, I will share pictures. God give us in life everything we need to succeed. If our mind and heart are open to what is there for us, we can be empowered.  I truly felt on this painting a strong force of creativity as I tapped into the 'spirit within'... aka the Holy Spirit. Allowing this natural flow, I know I can overcome any challenge and achieve a complete painting.  I want harmony in this piece. I seek balance with color and composition.  Patience seems to always stay my course. 

Using my own imagination with the flow of energy, I can achieve this painting through to be the best it can be. Stay with me tomorrow....

You too can prevail!  Laurie

"For whatever is born of God conquers the world. And this is the victory that conquers the world, our faith." 1 John 5:4