Summer means Happy Times...

Horse 8 2006  Laurie Pace @2006   A 'blast from the past' but one of my favorites.

Horse 8 2006  Laurie Pace @2006   A 'blast from the past' but one of my favorites.

"Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun."  Brian Wilson

The days are flying past.  Last week we had Tropical Storm Bill move through adding another 8 inches of rain to our garden and trees. With it came a lot of wind. Damage: Two tomato plants blown over; several branches off the Red Oak tree in the backyard.

In the middle of all of this... our youngest son, Morgan, and his wife Kelly, moved in across the street.  She is five months pregnant.  Rain, wind and a uhaul for boxes and I can say it was not fun for them.  The movers did the furniture the next day and we did have sun for that day on Friday last week. 

After all of the excitement I am ready for that summer trip... is it possible? We have the happy times and good sunshine... I can skip the beach; I would rather go north to the Finger Lake Region of New York. Brian Wilson has some good ideas. 

Art... hummm, where do I start.  I have been not busy at the easel with all the unpacking of Stacey's family here and the sorting and trips to Goodwill.  We hope to start our multigenerational blog soon and you might want to follow it.  I may sometimes share a post or two here of the funny ones.  What can you build out of old VCR tapes?  Do you think he will miss them if I toss them?

Just one of the many boxes we have to deal with as our life changes.


Take two semi retired early sixties grandparents... that yes, like to walk around in the buff at any time of the day, sleep when they want to, eat when they want to.... and add in four people, two adults and two children age 6 years and one 4 months and a SCHEDULE. I stopped wearing a watch 15 years ago.  Now I have to keep that robe handy. Terry keeps saying he is vaporizing away... all his stuff, but truly he has too much stuff.  Seems like the women in the family are better getting rid of the old unused clutter. Terry is good at adding to the clutter.  He FINALLY threw out his beta tapes four years ago. We are still lugging around those vcr tapes in the picture above and two recorders so he can watch his tapes.  Makes my head hurt but I love him. He is the number one Man in Lady M's life.

The first night Morgan and Kelly were here, they ended up at our house and we ordered a family size order of Spaghetti from a neighborhood restaurant. Oliva's   It was yummy. Equally, fuzzy warm feelings made me smile looking around the living room at the family, laughing, talking and just enjoying life.  Maybe that summer trip is already here... at our home.   

Enjoy your summer days!  We are on the countdown to September here!

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4 NIV