Love Begins at Home

Traveling Home  © Laurie Pace 2015  15 x 30 Oil on Panel

Traveling Home  © Laurie Pace 2015  15 x 30 Oil on Panel

 I chose this painting from my store, so if you like it click it. It is on sale for $399.  It will require a frame, it is painted on a panel with beautiful thick paint.  The story felt when being painted, was one of finally feeling at 'home' in the house we moved to two and a half years ago.  It always takes a period of time to adjust to a new place and we were really feeling the joy when I painted this one.  

I love this quote I found so very much, I may have to use it in my newsletter.

 "Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action."  Mother Teresa

With the latest changes here at our house this spoke volumes to me.  As you know from my posts things have changed in our lives. Our daughter and her family are now living with us. We have made our first week together and no one has cried or lost it. I know both Terry and I are exhausted.  We are exhausted with being busy, which is actually good for us.  Lady L, the almost five month old, is totally spoiled by having us nearby. She has wrapped her 'Bampa' around her finger and she is now wrapped in his heart. She is redefining for me "falling in love".  You cannot help being taken in by her huge smiles and flirty eyes.  

Not much has changed in our routine in the early hours... we wake up and watch the news in bed with coffee for him and coconut water for me.  By seven thirty we are in the kitchen preparing our meal and it is easy to prepare something for Lady L at the same time.  

Their family has found the biggest change for them is sitting at the table together as a family and sharing the thanks to God, the food and the companionship.  

Living day by day with the challenges we face, seeking God through prayer, adoration and petition, we make our way 'in love' for the greater good.

Blessings, Laurie