The Suburbs

City Blocks 2006 Laurie Pace

City Blocks 2006 Laurie Pace

The Suburbs? Really?  No trees huh?  Lots of People. Lots of Concrete.  Painting by Laurie Pace

They say growth and change are natural and necessary for life. I am not convinced that is true of our growing concrete in our larger cities and the footprint we are leaving wiping out land, trees and nature in the sake of building more offices and homes.  

We all grow and change through our lifetime and we literally cannot stop life from happening.  In my deepest heart I still cringe at the growing suburbs of humanity all trying to have their slice of the 'American Pie Dream' to "have it all".  I question whether we need it all.  Do we really need game rooms and playrooms and media rooms?  Did you have one growing up?  I survived with my brothers in the great outdoors. My own children survived that very same way. Today we have to beware of stranger danger and even some inside family danger.  We are always on the edge of watching to be safe. Our children are growing up in an entirely different world. Does it have to be this way?

At any time in our lives we can turn within to find that God is our steadfast guide on life's journey and we can rest in the comfort of Him.  Breathe, I remind myself often!

Peace be with you,


"The Lord said to him, "Peace be to you; do not fear." Judges 6:23