Little Pot of Color...Little Spot of Tea

Colors in the Pot 2008 © Laurie Pace

Colors in the Pot 2008 © Laurie Pace

This my friends is another one. A beautiful painting when I look at this image now, but one that was turned into more horses. This one I regret changing. This one I would have hung in my home. 

No, I did not save it... I changed it. It sold as horses but only I know the true spirit of the painting. Only I know I was offered money for this as a flower painting.  Spring and summer brings flowers that open to the sunlight.  Rich soil and new leaves are nourished and refreshed by rain. The blossoms are surround by the song of the birds and the beauty in the natural world around them.

Do you have the fresh joy of summer blooms where you can enjoy them and see them? My husband spoils me with flowers growing in our yard. Despite the constant May rains, he has managed to continue caring for our blooms and our tomato plants. He pumps the rain from the red oak so it does not have wet feet. He is my hero.

Enjoy the treasures of Summer with me.

"Without him not one thing came into being. What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people." John `:3-4