I am one with change, so I better hold on.

Jumpin In  30 x 40 inches Oil on Canvas  Laurie Pace © 2015

Jumpin In  30 x 40 inches Oil on Canvas  Laurie Pace © 2015

Finished.  Painting was drying. Slide show took me almost two days to finish it... sent the painting image out to two galleries needing work... WHAM....

Being an artist often leaves you vulnerable to comments. When you paint from the inner heart and spirit of your soul it leaves its energy and mark on the painting.  This one was a dear journey for me. I have struggled with wanting to even paint lately. We call it 'hitting the wall in the studio' with your head, not your paint brush. No different than in your life... is my life. Fear creeps in and fear can do major damage.  Feeling vulnerable with each painting is not unusual, but rejection cuts to the heart.  Neither gallery wanted the piece.  

I leave you today with the slide show to watch. I wanted to share my process and progress with the piece. Tomorrow you will see the final piece and with it came a peace to my heart. I will not question God, I will trust and continue to work knowing somethings are out of my control.

Tomorrow you will see the remake of this painting and why it is so important to me to take what is given and do the best that I can. I am one with the unfolding understanding of Spirit. I am the result of the change and growth in my consciousness. I will allow God to expand my thoughts and transform my beliefs and my artwork. Each painting unfolds like a beautiful flower. 

Blessings, See you tomorrow!


"just as it is bearing fruit and growing in the whole world, so it has been bearing fruit among yourselves from the day you heard it." Colossians 1:6