Multigenerational...can you spell it?

Lady L and Oma 2009

Lady L and Oma 2009

I have read so many articles the past four years on Multigenerational living that I am beginning to question society in the United States. Seems like we are the only nation in the world that does not do it any more.  After the world wars, families began to split apart and live separately...but only in the good ol' USA.

As a teacher in Texas, I watched the slow disruption of families as divorce rates increased and the 'me' attitude took over. Who was home helping the kids with homework or preparing the dinner?  Several of my students from my fourth grade class at White Rock Elementary in Dallas... lived with relatives, not their parents. Many students bounced between households and additional divorces began to creep into the classroom that year.   

Terry and I have always thought slightly ahead that we would eventually move in with our daughter and her family.  We are pretty well suited to live together and we respect and love each other very much.  I have memories of my grandmother living with us six months out of the year when I was growing up and I held her in very high esteem. The woman could create and sew anything and was a fabulous cook. My mom was a chip off the ol' block and I knew I had a lot to learn from the two of them. 

Not sure how Lady L and Lady M will think of me. Right now I am Lady L's home school teacher so I have to often separate my 'teacher' from my 'Oma' duties. Now we have Lady M, just turning four months old.  She has stolen my heart as well. We also have another little one due with our youngest son in October.  

We are not quite a multigenerational household, but we live across the street making it really close. We feel like a combined family.   Share with me your thoughts on multigenerational households here. 

More painting ahead this week. I am working on pieces for Kasum Contemporary in Oklahoma City and for Rare Gallery in Jackson Hole.  

Blessings to you. Laurie