Never Give Up .

Never Giving Up 8 x 10 oil on Canvas Laurie Pace ©2015

Never Giving Up 8 x 10 oil on Canvas Laurie Pace ©2015

Never Give UP .  Is something still bothering you? . Horse Paintings by Laurie Pace

There seems to always be something out of place in my brain... sometimes I cannot even figure out what it is. But I know something is wrong. NOT a good attitude is it?  I am learning right now as I type this even, that if something is bothering me I have to turn myself inside to clean out my thoughts and rid myself of the negativity. It is really easy to slip into worry isn't it?

Try taking a few cleansing breaths and concentrate on your belly rising and falling. Turn your thoughts somewhere else as you watch your tummy.  You will go deeper into an empty-full space. Empty full?  Yes, that is what I typed.  It is called PEACE.  God created your body, your mind and your life. He is apart of you woven throughout your entire being. Give him the worry. He is giving you the peace.

With that peace are infinite options to your worries, but only one divine answer.   God will fill your mind with the right direction.  Don't give up.  Breathe.


"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways." Isaiah 55:9