color Color COLOR . Confession: I am addicted to COLOR . Midweek Color Crisis

In the Deep of Night 9 x 12 Laurie Pace copyright 2015

In the Deep of Night 9 x 12 Laurie Pace copyright 2015

color Color COLOR .  Confession: I am addicted to COLOR . Midweek Color Crisis

Every color has power behind it. Some more subtle than others and some screaming in your face. Colors are strong. Colors are whole. Colors are worthy. Color fuels me. I am addicted. 

I have to remind myself often to not respond to color all the time.  The power of God seems to vibrate in every single hue reminding me of things he has created. That same power pulsates through me and the colors in your home dictate the mood in your home. The colors in your home affect how you live your life, be it in chaos or in a positive, spiritually centered life. 

Red .It is pretty obvious that red is very physical color. It has the longest wavelength and is powerful, although it is not technically the most visible. Red has the ability to appear nearer to you and therefore will grab your attention first. Hence why it is at the top of traffic lights and the background of Stop signs around the world.  Red stimulates us and raises our pulse rate. If you have red walls, you are probably tachycardic. Red is not subtle, but is very lively. Negative is the power of seeming demanding and aggressive.

Blue is the basis of my favorite color... I love periwinkle with a splash of red in it... a blue purple, but not with much purple. Blue is the color of the mind. It speaks of intelligence, trust, serenity, logic, calm and cool. The negative of blue is it can appear to be cold and aloof and certain shades unfriendly.

Yellow... while this little rascal does speak optimistically and with self-confidence, boosting of creativity and the same breath it causes irrationality, fear, depression and anxiety. It is one of the strongest psychological colors. In a home situation it will raise anxiety and can drop your self esteem.

Green is what fills my mom's house. Of course harmony is a top describing word along with balance, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, and peace. The negative is pretty mild... with boredom and blandness.  Green always strikes the eye as restful. In the middle of the spectrum it bring balance. 

Violet... the touch of my favorite color in my periwinkle.. is spiritual.  It speaks of luxury, authenticity, truth and quality. The negative side is suppression and inferiority. Associated for years with royalty, it has always communicated decadence. 

Orange... wow what a fun color. I did not realize it until I had an orange kitchen at the lake. In this house I have an orange utility room and it brings a smile to me every single time I step into it.  Orange brings physical comfort, security, warmth, sensuality and passion. The negative side reflects deprivation, frustration and immaturity. I guess it is a young color.  

Pink. I could not wait to share this one. My Lady L (painting granddaughter) LOVE pink.  Her parents had painted her room green and she did not sleep through the night until she was almost six and FINALLY her grandfather painted it pink for her.   Pink soothes. Pink is powerful psychologically representing the feminine principle and survival of the species. It is nurturing and soothing. BUT too much of a good thing can but claustrophobic. It can make you downright weak. I think that is why she sleeps so well!

Grey... psychologically neutral. Negative side is depression and lack of energy.  Grey creates protective barriers and will absorb energy. My walls in my house are shades of Grey. The music room with the baby grand is dark dark almost black grey with a mid grey ceiling. The main body of the house is network grey (Sherwin Williams). In fact all our greys are on the strip with Network Grey.  The accent walls are between the dark dark grey and the network and our bedroom is a beautiful dark grey.  Upstairs the guest rooms are raspberry lavender and blues but the game room and my studio are network grey.  The exercise room is a soft off white with a slight cream to it. 

Brown: Serious... warm, earthly...negative, lack of humour and very heavy. Solid and reliable, some folks find it supportive.

So why did this artist go grey?  I can accent any room with ANY COLORS (Except some of the browns) and change it up.  Too hard to repaint so it keeps the room canvas open to different combos. I can do oranges, greens, soft yellows, turquoise, blues, raspberries etc.  So every room is unified with the grey palette but personalized with color. 

What do your colors say about you and your home? Your home should put you in touch with your true spirit. It should bring you rest and comfort and happiness. It should be a place of joy and not chaos. 


"So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary beholding your power and glory." Psalm 63:2