Survival . Totems of Toilet Paper. Combat Zone in the Studio . Horse Paintings by Laurie Pace

Survival  8 x 10 Oil on Panel Laurie Pace ©2015

Survival  8 x 10 Oil on Panel Laurie Pace ©2015

What do you need in your survival kit?  Why do you need one?  Try self preservation, maybe? Even living in the city it is wise to have an urban emergency kit. 

I know when we lived at the lake we loved it. We had no one around all the time... we were 'full timers' there at the lake with a few other couples, and someone really had to be looking for us to find us.  We felt pretty safe there.  We grew food, we had the lake for water if needed and lots of game in the woods around us.  BUT, when we moved back to the city in a neighborhood... wow, there is no living off the grid here.  Right now the only 'combat zone' in the vicinity is my studio.  It really only looks that way some of the time... it is truly a place I love to come and get lost in my music and world of color. The other combat zone is full time traffic gridlocked around us. 

 As far as city 'preparedness', do not laugh, my daughter makes sure she hits Target during sales with coupons, plus getting back gift cards when she purchases our favorite toilet paper for us. Terry shakes his head everytime he goes in the closet under the stairs where there are massive amounts of bundles of toilet paper.  I tend to stock up more on Paper Towels for painting...but the toilet paper wins under the stairs.  We have no 'safe room' here for tornadoes... we too would be under the stairs pillowed in by our toilet paper.   I do believe if a twister hit our two houses, our daughters and ours,... toilet paper would be stringing out all over the sky and wrapping the landscape below.  

Totems of toilet paper are mentioned because of the 'rack' in the bathroom that holds four rolls. Terry has figured out how to stack six or eight on it.  From my ebay days I remember watching videos of Leonid Alfremov doing his palette knife work and he used roll after roll of toilet paper to clean that palette knife off.  So many different uses for Toilet Paper.

Hey this might be a good idea... I remember in Elementary school saving our toilet paper cardboard to make Indian Totem poles. Sounds like something good for school that Lady L might like!  hummm and how could I use them in my mixed media paintings?  Send me your ideas!

Wishing you an ULTRA soft day!


"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;" Matthew 6:20