Her name is Niki. I once had a friend named Niki. Pop Art moving to a new home...by Laurie Pace

Her name is Niki. I once had a friend named Niki. Pop Art heading to a new home.

Ten days ago I had a phone call on my cell phone with the caller ID 'Niki Hardin Home'.  I dropped the phone and immediately and Terry looked at me with questioning eyes.  You see my friend Niki died two years ago.  She had Lou Gehrig's.  I truly hesitated to pick up the phone. As far as I knew her only son had closed out her estate over a year ago.  Sold the house (with the "home phone")..hence my hesitation to get a call from this number.

It turned out to be her son.  He was so disturbed by his mother's death that he could not function for the past 20 months and finally it dawned on him he had to move forward with the changes in his life.  He was in his forties, his mother's only child, and had moved to live with her just a few years prior to her death.  He had not sold the house. He had not closed the estate.  He was having an estate sale this past weekend. He still had all the artwork she had collected and this one was of her in one of my pop art series.   

He texted me yesterday that a New York Fine Art Collector came and picked out four of my paintings, including this one entitled NIKI.   I wait hesitantly knowing it will go to a new home and new collector once he gets it back to New York.  Seems strange as a piece of me goes to live with a stranger, especially a portrait of someone. 

Niki Hardin was my heart sister for 10 years.  She was a remarkable woman. I am on the left in this picture and she is on the right.  She gave of herself to families all over the United States. She began SUNRISE for family with Tourette Syndrome. The kids, as they were teens, would travel to Washington DC where she lived on the Occoquan River for a huge retreat every other year. On the off year, the National Tourette Syndrome had their big gathering in DC.  

So change occurs constantly as I wrote yesterday. But nothing can change my love and respect for this wonderful woman. I miss her everyday because we used to talk every day. She taught me much over those ten years. We only knew each other via phone the first year and when we faced a move, she arrived to help pack and unpack us in the new home. A year later, when our eldest grandson died at age 11, she was on a plane that very day, flying into Dallas to help handle everything she could.  Her love multiplied out all over the world.  

Change... can you change?  Can you learn to give so that you fully live?


'I know your deeds, and your love and faith and service and perseverance, and that your deeds of late are greater than at first." Revelation 2:19