Heartful Dodger . Triple Patty Whataburger . Cookie Fortune, Romantic Rendezvous . New Flyswatters . Studio Ready . Mr and Mrs Honey Bunny . Laurie Pace

                    Heartful Dodger  8 x 8 Acrylic on Canvas  © Laurie Pace 2015

                    Heartful Dodger  8 x 8 Acrylic on Canvas  © Laurie Pace 2015

Heartful Dodger .  Mr and Mrs Honey Bunny .  Cookie Fortune, Romantic Rendezvous .  New Flyswatters . Studio Ready . Moving Day

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He told me tomorrow.   He told me over a triple patty Whataburger and a mess of fries that my studio would be ready to move into tomorrow. I sat there sipping my tea.  "Are you saying I can move back in tomorrow?"  He nodded as he dipped his fries in catsup.  Nope, I do not eat whataburgers. My body does not like them...but I shared some fries. We were on our way to the Home Depot to buy some more glue for the end strips of the flooring that goes up under the baseboard. 

His fortune cookie said, " Soon you will have a romantic rendezvous."  When we arrived home from his quick lunch and the depot trip, I asked him if I could eat the fortune cookies Lady L brought him. He nodded approval as I cracked it open to read his 'fortune'.  " Soon you will have a romantic rendezvous."   I raised my eyebrows and smiled... tomorrow you say? 

He bought me two new flyswatters from Home Depot, a yellow one and a lime green one. While at the depot he picked up some floor cleaner for my tile floors and two new flyswatters. They are not as good as the older wire ones I have now but they will be fine for Lady L to use as the flies return with the spring temperature next month. Not really romantic...but for Mr. Honey Bunny it was thoughtful!

He told me TOMORROW... I can be back in my studio moving in TOMORROW!!!  I need to go back through my books and make a run to Half Price Books.  I decided I cannot buy many more real books. I had already cleaned out 3/4 of my art books... but not my favorite books from my favorite authors.  So before I can move back in, I have a job ahead of me tonight, sorting and lightening my footprint.  We are cleaning out to open up our lives and our home.  We are uncomplicating our lives.

Today Lady L was over for breakfast and I was doing a devotional on being 'present' with God. It came out the idea was present and presents tie right in together.  If you are 'present' with God, you are open and ready to receive his gifts and 'presents'.  Since she is homeschooled we did a roll call this morning and every one said  "Present" when their name was called. She really got it. The bible verse was " This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24