What is growing in the garden? . Pansy on Parade . Preparing your garden . Laurie Pace

What is that single plant growing in the cold in our garden? Pansy on Parade . Preparing your Garden .  Laurie Pace

During all the cold weather, the freezes, the ice, the plummeting night time temps in the teens... something was growing in the garden. We had cleaned all the plants out when the first freeze hit in late October. I even cut all the marigolds and brought them in to enjoy. But something grew taller and taller with large leaves on it. 

Finally I went out to inspect the garden to see what was there. I thought maybe some lettuce was coming up. But to my surprise it was broccoli. I had tried to grow everything last year and we had a rabbit that ate 2/3rds of our garden. He polished off the strawberries, the beans, the squash, the okra and I thought all the broccoli.  He left the peppers, and some beans alone... and the tomatoes.  The rest kept him warm, happy and well feed until Summer hit with heat. He left his little house under our shed then. 

So this was a single surviving plant that grew up out of nowhere. It is time to prepare our garden for spring planting. This month I need to start some seeds for a few things. Planning ahead we might secure the area from the bunny and begin tilling the soil for our new crops. 

Lent is here... and underway. Many people 'give up' things for Lent. In my home and heart, we add things to our lives for Lent.  We begin new practices and establish new habits of serving and being present with God. A time for preparation... tilling your soil and be prepared to bring Him into your heart and your life.


"And taking the five loaves and two fish, he looked up to heaven and blessed and broke them, and gave them tot he disciples to set before the crowd"   Luke 9:16