Did we win the Powerball Lottery . Friday the Thirteenth . Roses are Red . Chocolate Cake . New York Prime . Strawberries dipped in Chocolate . Surprise? . Laurie Pace

Did we win the Lottery?  . Friday the Thirteenth . Roses are Red . Chocolate Cake .  New York Prime . Strawberries dipped in Chocolate . Surprise? . Laurie Pace

Tomorrow... we are putting it all together for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Tomorrow we will celebrate Stacey's birthday... shhh... she does not know. This is a surprise. She will not read about it here... she is doing the new mommy baby thing.

I really REALLY want to thank Whole Foods Colleyville, Texas for their love and support today. As we shopped, the store manager came out to see us midway and gave us a wonderful THANK YOU card from the store. They have been there for us this past year as their first year open...through my husband's surgeries, through our bi weekly treks in the store, our morning breakfast at seven am before anyone else is there, through the holidays, the birth of a grandbaby... through it all we have weathered this year.  And they gave us a thank you... and a gift card!  They took our picture! Then when we checked out, Terry bought roses for Stacey and I,  and since Stacey had just had a baby, they gifted her roses to us.  No we did not win the lottery, but they made me cry happy tears. We feel like family there. Thank you Maria and everyone else!


Store: Check Out.. The only healthy thing I see are the mushrooms and the tomatoes.  Nothing else. SO sad... but I did get everything on the list. We are having Carrots Lyonaise, fresh organic green beans, a tossed salad with the works, bread, steak, and there will be lentils for some of us. I had planned for Brussel Sprouts but WF did not have any. 

She wants steak... New York Prime... Check.  It went on sale at seven this morning and we got it for $16.99 a pound.  (Not on my diet.)  Also had to get chives, butter and cheese. (???)

Strawberries and Chocolate... Check.  (not on my diet) Lady L and I are dipping together.

Don't forget the cake... could not decide so we have three...but one has her name on it! (Yeah... I have to eat some of this... to be polite.) More pictures to come!

Today Lady L and I will begin the process and have everything ready to jump in tomorrow to make her mom's dinner a successful surprise. Today we will make sugar cookies!


So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31