Leaves and Meditation on the Pond

Golden Pond © Laurie Pace

Golden Pond © Laurie Pace

“Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.” ― Chad Sugg

The leaves are like carpet outside. Most of the trees are baring up for the winter with few stragglers hanging on. It is a carpet of color outside our door.  

Fall leaves little doubt (Pardon the pun) of God's creative side.  These changes are purposely planned to bring the beauty to our conscious thoughts.  Our thoughts drift like these leaves ... gently to the ground. We can choose to focus on words or phrases that bring us a peace and connect us to his great awareness.  Time to transcend the external world and find this space of tranquility. Here you will find His blessings.

"The meditation of my heart shall be understanding." Psalm 49:3