We search in reasoning and sciences...

Majesty © 2008 Laurie Pace

Majesty © 2008 Laurie Pace

"God alone is capable of making Himself known as He really is. We search in reasoning and in sciences, as in a poor copy. What we neglect to see is God's painting Himself in the depth of our soul. Always be with God. Do nothing, say nothing and think nothing which may displease Him. Do this without any other view than purely for the love of Him and because He deserves infinitely more." Brother Lawrence

This 2008 painting is entitled MAJESTY because as I painted it I felt the passion and fullness of the spirit within. Beauty, power and life all woven into color on my canvas... He is good.

I can only speak from my household that we fall short. REALLY short. We profess to be in His light but are we truly there, or are we chasing something we have set up in our minds? God is not a thing, He is a being. If we are trying to be more Christ-like we should be 'being' and every thing and every action should be 'being in Him'. Our live should be based on His pure love.

I came across some information on Brother Lawrence. He lived in the late 17th century. His life was lived in quiet joy. Oh my, I cannot imagine 24/7 of quiet joy in my household. WHY? Because we are so busy living life to maintain our existence and enjoy ourselves. We work hard to keep our lifestyle going. Guess all of this has not brought 'quiet joy' into our lives has it? Creating a holy habit of continual conversation with God brings us closer to this joy. Walk with Him in love, simplicity, humility and faith. LIVE and SPEAK as you know would please him. Practice the presence of God and allow him to be woven into your thoughts as if the Holy Spirit was dwelling with in you and that the Holy Spirit is a part of your every action by word or deed.

Are we too worldly to understand this quiet joy? Are you living in his presence and not the presence of the world? Is it time to shift your priorities and put GOD above all else? The temporary things of this world are fleeting, but His love is eternal.

Begin today to use three simple words all day. "Thank you Father." Speak if from your heart in all circumstances and all places; a silent prayer from your heart, Thank you Father. This will begin the journey for shifting you toward that quiet joy.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." Proverbs 4:23

Thank you Father.

Grace, Laurie