I am HONKING on in this new Journey.

Well... yes this is different. I began a year long course with Carla Sonheim called THE YEAR OF THE SPARK.

Reminding myself of the need to be open to more joy and to let go of all the things I cling to is not easy.  I happened on this course when fellow artist Kimberly Santini posted it on Facebook.  It only took me about three hours and I was signed up. I read up on Carla and watched some videos and decided to see if her course would open some new doors for me.  So last night I began my first lesson and although I covered at least twenty pages or more in my sketchbook, I will share a few of them in my blogs with the process.  I am going to encourage Lady L to do this as well.   It will be easier for her. She does not carry all the baggage I carry. She is only age 5. 

I began the evening pretty tightly wound because it was already seven pm and usually I am on the treadmill and winding down by this time.  The first few attempts were stilted and controlled. I reread the directions and then watch a small video of Carla drawing cats with wild eyes and deformed legs.  While I cannot go that far, I do enjoy contour drawings (Where you do not look at your paper as you draw) and I love scribble scrabble drawings.  So pulling in her assignment with my own touch I decided to go with scribble scrabble and really got some neat things emerging.  So far I have worked on geese...just loved them; Kerry Blue Terriers...like Paddy; cardinals...as in the birds; and a horse or two...go figure.  I do not think I am ready for the horses yet. I want to come up with something else that really floats my boat. Something I love the character of...could that be my trees?  Maybe today I can try that.

Meanwhile I know my creativity is my gift. I can be whole and strong and true to myself and my gift through God; I was created in his image. If I can stay focused on God as the center of my thoughts and actions and words, I will find my true potential.  Learning to let go of so much 'trash' in my life and opening my heart to a consciousness of well-being is part of my new journey in 2015.   I thank Him for creating me and promise to take better care of the gifts he has entrusted to me. 


"The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your needs in parched places... and you shall be like a watered garden."  Isaiah 58:11




I love this bible verse. Can you apply it to your life? I am planting the seed and 'sigh' giving it over to Him for the growth and care to thrive and flourish. 


Simple Abundance.



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