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New Years  Rain  January 2007**

New Years  Rain  January 2007**

I was going back through old files because my big mac is still OOS.  Today it goes to the Southlake Apple store and hopefully will be repaired for me to pick up in the next 8 to 10 days.  So while things are changing you will be 'seeing' more of who I am as an artist and some older pieces of work.  While most of them are embarrassing to me, some are really pretty strong and I am going to share another layer of my artwork you have not seen.

We are all apart of a community in our lives.  Could be as simple as just the town you live in, the neighborhood you live in, or a group you belong to.  We are part of a group when we are in a family, in a work situation, traveling on a plane or a bus.  We are even with people when we grocery shop. We share our time and our journey with many people we know well and many people we never meet.  God seems to weave us together as needed. My mom said recently..."friends for a reason and friends for a season". 

I hope in my journey this year I can be a beneficial contribution to others.  Maybe things I write and share will connect from you to others I do not even know. Sharing smiles, hugs, laughter and kind thoughts can make a difference in the life of a stranger or in the life of someone you love. We reflect how we feel to the world and the world absorbs it.  So lets make a pact that we will both show compassion when needed... smiles when needed and hugs as often as we can. 

"O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together." Psalm 34:3


**New Years Rain was a celebration of much needed rain that greeted me on New Years Day in 2007.  Little did I know that would be one of the wettest years the area has had ever... and now we are in a horrible drought.  I remember that morning waking up to the rain clouds and the sun breaking through the clouds. We lived in the country then, in Justin, Texas, so I was not painting was I saw that morning beyond the sky. I felt clean and fresh with the new year and from there came the white buildings...fresh and clean from the rain.

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