Do it With All Heart . Give it your ALL . Never Give Up . Gotta Keep on Keeping On . Find a Way to Paint . Laurie Pace

                    With All Heart  8 x 8 Acrylic on Canvas Panel  ©Laurie Pace

                    With All Heart  8 x 8 Acrylic on Canvas Panel  ©Laurie Pace

Do it With All Heart . Give it your ALL . Never Give Up .  Gotta Keep on Keeping On . Find a Way to Paint 

 ** This is another Give -Away Heart Painting.  Make a comment and like the blog and I will be selecting a name of a winner from my blogs to win this one. 

Love Story 2:  If you know me well, you know I was almost a full card carrying  tree hugger from the sixties and seventies. When it came to having babies it was going to be natural. I studied Lamaze and knew it forward and backward. I honed my breathing skills and could pant with the best in the class.  When it came close time for the first one to come, I found myself terrified at the hospital.  My doctor questioned me closely during my last exam. It was a Wednesday and he said, "Come on and meet me at the hospital at five and let's have a baby."  I left his office with my husband and we headed to Sears to buy a washer and a dryer. Our house we had built was ready to be moved into, but we needed those last two appliances. We left Sears and it was close to five as we arrived at the hospital. Being the first baby, we had pre-registered. We were whisked right into labor and deliver just as my best friend, also pregnant and part of my amazing Lamaze class, was rushed by me on a gurney heading into surgery. Her husband followed looking panicked.  It was a bleeding issue and critical. I took one look at the nurse leading us in and grabbed my husbands hand and said, "Let's go home."  No way I would take another step forward.  But I had to. I had to keep on Keeping on.  Funny thing was my first born son arrived in less than twenty minutes after we got there. 

The second time it was our February Daughter's birth. At six and half months I was put on bedrest because she was trying to arrive early.  She and her brother are only 15 months apart in age.  I was released from bedrest to celebrate Valentine's day and that weekend we went with neighbors to enjoy a steak dinner and a night of dancing at the hotel in town. We had a wonderful evening and the steak and shrimp was delicious.  Went home and climbed into bed just to find myself in full labor at three thirty in the morning. Hubby showered and I packed a bag and rang our doctor to meet us.  When I arrived at the ER they panicked and whisk me straight into delivery and yep, Baby Daughter arrived in just moments. Thankfully Dr E was ready again. Definitely did that one with heart. Still did not use my Lamaze training.  

Dr E is on the far left. He and his wife are Godparents to our youngest son.

Dr E is on the far left. He and his wife are Godparents to our youngest son.

Figured we would not have any more children, but four years later found myself blessed with another baby on the way and again at six months put on bedrest. It was Christmas Eve in fact. This little baby boy waited until late January and one Saturday night hubby's grandfather died at age 94.  We were up all night talking about the loss.  Hubby had to leave out of town to be there for services and of course the Doctor told me no I could not go. So to spite them all, the next night I went into labor at five a.m. It was back labor, so I ignored it.   I went about my morning care of the two older children, but I knew by ten a.m. things were getting very close. I arrived at the hospital again ready to deliver and heard the nurse say, "Oh my you are ready but Dr E cannot be here for at least twenty more minutes." and finally Lamaze kicked in  "pant pant pant. " Dr E delivered all three and I was blessed with easy deliveries.  

Coaching my own daughter through labor did not take much either time. She is a strong woman and much like me, fast in delivery. The newest arrival I shared yesterday arrived in less than two hours of check in and preparation. I laughed when Stacey told the nurse calmly it was time...and the nurse said, "UH, Dr cannot be here for at least ten minutes, just wait."  Stacey looked at me and shook her head, "Nope, not going to happen."  Nurse said,"You have made it almost five minutes...let give him a few more minutes."  Stacey said, "She's coming now!" Sure enough Lady M popped out just minutes later. 

This was my love story to share for the day. We all gotta keep on Keeping on in life. We must live with all our heart, give our all to others and never give up. I repeat this often as my mantra because of my studio being in rehab.  I am painting in the upper crosswalk upstairs on a large landing. I am so ready for the new floors in the studio. My walls are beautiful grey and ready for my 'stuff' to be put back in. I will not give up.  Painting must continue. 


I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:12-13
"Keep On Keeping On"  Song by Curtis Mayfield
Everybody gather round and listen to my song  - I've only got one.
We who are young, should now take a stand. Don't run from the burdens of women and men
Continue to give, continue to live  - For what you know is right
Most of your life can be out of sight Withdraw from the darkness and look to the light
Where everyone's free - At least that's the way it's supposed to be
We just keep on keeping on - We just keep on keeping on
Many think that we have blown it - But they too will soon admit
That there's still a lot of love among us - And there's still a lot of faith and warmth and trust
When we keep on keeping on - Before we dismiss, one thing I insist
When you have your young, remember this song - And our world surroundings, its leaps and bounds - Ups and downs, is reality.