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                Wonders of the Heart . ©Laurie Pace 2009

                Wonders of the Heart . ©Laurie Pace 2009

You want me to cut your toenails?   What have you stirred up lately?  Any broken hearts sitting around you?  Passing on the Love.

 Look around you. Everywhere are tired people not feeling well, sluggish or in pain. The flu is raging and people still cannot learn to stay home and not 'share' their pain and illness. What can you do to see beyond this situation and turn it around for people close to you? Expanding Hearts bring growth and Peace.  Expanding Hearts bring growth and peace.

If you can elevate one person from the doldrums of depression or illness into a place filled with light and hope, you are sharing your heart. It is quite unusual today to have anyone 'think ahead' to what they can actually do to ease a situation or be helpful.  

Just a few weeks ago, my very pregnant daughter had asked me to cut her toenails. While I do not mind doing that, I asked her why she did not indulge herself, relax and go get a pedicure. She loves pedicures.  She decided to book one and to get a haircut. Terry and I promised to keep Lady L in tow while she was gone.  As soon as her car pulled around the corner, Lady L and I scampered back into her house. I knew my daughter normally did her bedsheets on Friday and it was Friday.  Lady L and I tussled playfully removing pillowcases and sheets from the three beds. I put the king size sheets into their washer and brought the queen and the double sheets to our house. Over the next two hours, Lady L and i washed all the sheets and returned to make up the beds. It taught Lady L how awesome it was to do something special for someone and give of her time. It made me smile and feel good to know I was going to surprise my daughter.


"Everyone whose spirit God had stirred - got ready to go up and rebuild the house of the Lord in Jerusalem." Ezra 1:5

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