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Between Two Points © Laurie Pace 2004

Between Two Points © Laurie Pace 2004

There are days that things do not seem to fall into place.  Nothing goes as planned and it is hard not to get frustrated.  Recently I spent two and half hours on the phone with ATT needing a simple appt for a tech to come replace our modem for the seventh time in two years. After the second hour on the phone, keeping a calm voice and maintaining my joy, I finally was told they would credit our bill a whomping $40 and upgrade our internet to the fast H45.  I laughed and said, sweet dreams on that one. We cannot even stay connected now at the normal fast speed.  So if you continue to keep giving higher speeds out, no one will be connected. They system is bogged down as it is.

I must say I am trusting or trying to trust in God being apart of all of this.  I read recently in our morning study "Instead of running away from these challenges, embrace them, eager to gain all the blessings I have hidden in the difficulties." (Jesus is Calling by Sarah Young).  I really needed this because after the 2.5 hours on the phone the tech never showed up the next day.  No internet, phones or TV... continued.  I phoned them again and amazingly it showed no appt in the system pending but then they realized somehow the computer canceled the appt. But the computer neglected to let me know.  They rescheduled our appt for the next morning and we were blessed with a tech, Scott, who had been here several times before.  He is absolutely one of the best assets ATT has.  He replaced the modem again, reset all the nests in the house, my printer, our laptops and our ipads.  He gave me his phone number and said... I live very close, just call me next time.  Do not even text me, call me.  I will get here that day and do whatever I need to. By pass calling ATT.  We are blessed with care from this tech. 

I am trusting with the days of being down, all the catch up work I have, emails not answered properly...that the situation is way out of my control.  I will lean on God and know I must accept things just as they are right now.  The joy is found in this moment.  I will accept God's hand and his staff to support me. 

The painting above entitled "Between Two Points" was painted in 2004. This is a line of immigrants standing in front of a federal building.  No one is talking to anyone or connecting because they do not speak English or a common language.  My grandmother is the little lady in the blue coat. I am the lady in the sweater with her arms crossed; Terry is the man in front of her with the mustache and my brother is in the black hat.  These are not portraits but the use of faces I knew as I painted.  The immigrants all have their dreams, thoughts and reasons for coming to the United States, the land of opportunity.  You can see an expensive car on the other side of the sidewalk.  This car was only produced  for two years before the company failed in the depression.  The immigrants have that dream, the dream of that car.  They want to live here and have their needs met and the ability to have more and be more. Hence the title "Between Two Points." My nephew, Dave Justus, named the painting after I told him the story.  Such a great name for this piece.  I sometimes long to paint a story again.  It is owned by a CEO of a company in Ft Worth, Texas. He had a particular interest in cars and loved the painting. It is 3 x 4 ft in size and it is oil. 

Aren't we all that way in life, between two points?  I have to lean on God right now and trust with confidence that he is leading me.  I must accept things as they are right at this point and know he will take me exactly where I am to be next.  Right now I must accept and enjoy this moment and find the blessings I have right now.  As things change, I know there are blessings in the challenges ahead.  

Call me Free Flying with God.


But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever.  Psalm 52:8


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