Red Flower New Year 2015

Red Flower New Year 2015

Red Flower New Year 2015

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Not sure where the year went but am sure the new one arrived.  Here in North Texas it is cold and rainy and a little bit of ice on top. Today it is going to thaw out to fifty degrees! 

New Year always brings thoughts of starting over, laying out plans, making those resolutions we all break... but I believe it is a often a search for happiness.  Talk to my grandmother and you would immediately realize you can not 'find' happiness.  

Happiness finds you.

When you can find contentment inside yourself those constant racing thoughts of control and demands begin to dissipate. When you realize you can be quiet and just enjoy the sounds around you and breath in the grace of the moment, you are on your way.  When you accept a relationship with the Father and relinquish your feeble attempts of control and realize His plan is the only plan, you are beginning to arrive.  Happiness happens. Happiness finds you.

Happiness finds you while you are doing for others unselfishly.

Happiness finds you in the peace and calmness of the moment when you can block out 'YOU".

Happiness find you in the joys of family and friends sharing time without TV, computers and phones.

My prayer for you is to slow down this year and discover the simplicity of life God intends for you. Happiness is waiting for you.


Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12 NIV