The Forest of Color . Landscape Palette Knife Painting . Laurie Pace

                              "The Forest of Color" © Laurie Pace 2007

                              "The Forest of Color" © Laurie Pace 2007

The Forest is calling... I must go.  Sometimes the color is calling and I must paint.  Must have been a dual thought the morning I began this one.

Always experimenting with the knife, thinking of palettes that would bring the best in subjects alive...and out of it came this red forest. I do not know why I did not name it "The Red Forest."  I am not at all convinced it is fall in this painting but more like a brilliant sun rising.  

Reposting these old pieces makes me even more eager to return to my studio. I am still waiting for the renovations to finish upstairs. I miss my easel. I miss my paint.  I have a ton of idea brewing inside of me.  I have been using Pages on my Ipad at night and sketching and creating very single night. 


Let the trees of the forest sing, let them sing for joy before the LORD, for he comes to judge the earth.     1 Chronicles 16:33


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