In Her Father's Garden . Laurie Pace . Spending Time with God . The Arboretum

                    "In Her Father's Garden"  ©Laurie Pace 2007

                    "In Her Father's Garden"  ©Laurie Pace 2007

STOP...wait don't stop.  NOTHING STAYS THE SAME... make sure you smell the roses on the way.  Oh, and don't miss the trails of flowers along the lakeside trails either. The Dallas Arboretum is one of my favorite 'go to' places.  If temperatures are cooperating, you can spend the day walking through miles of gardens and waterfalls right on the edge of White Rock Lake.  Even if you go daily, you see new blooms and transformations everywhere. Nothing stays the same.

Spending time with God is the same way as time spent at the arboretum. Nothing has to stay the same. You are changing every moment and God is there with you.  There is no time or place you have to do it the same every day. There is not really a practice either.  Developing your relationship with God is just that... a relationship. Give and take on both sides. You cannot have a healthy relationship if it is not a consistent one.  Shared commitment has to be there. He is committed to you. Are you ready?

Remember when you fell in love for the first time?  You could not wait to see the person. You could not wait to talk to the person and spend time together. You always put your best attention forward and the relationship took seed.  If the other person saw value in the relationship, they too invested time and energy into it.  

I truly believe that is what we should have with God.  We have to invest time and energy in our relationship with him.  We need to be as excited. We need to look forward to the time we spend with him.  So maybe it is time to think about ways to do that. 

Some suggestions are to read a Psalm everyday and reflect on it. You might write a prayer each week, like a letter or correspondence or an email. Try to contain the squirrels running around in your head and listen to what God is sharing with you. (That is hard) .  Did you get on your knees as a child next to your bed at night?  Maybe it is important to the recommitment to be on your knees or your head bowed.  When you read the Bible, reflect on the verse you read, reading before and after it to make sure you have it context. Let it simmer and steep into your soul. God might surprise you with some of His thoughts on it as well.  Be honest with God. Let him know the deepest darkest secrets... you fears, your worries, your desires; He wants to hear it all.  He already knows it, but he wants to hear you voice it and own it.  He is available 24/7.  

Take a walk with God. 

Studio news... argh... my floors are ripped out... new plywood going in and wood floors.  It will be at least 10 days before I can paint again!


Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.  Psalm 25:4


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