Sparking and Painting . Time Together Counts . Laurie Pace and Lady L .


So finally after moving the studio, painting begins again.  Lady L is thrilled to be back at her easel and quickly chose the pink flower she wanted to paint this time.  I have not told her yet she cannot paint all pink flowers.  God created them in all colors, not just pink.  

We are both thankful you are stopping by to read about our day in the studio. They seem to be rare and one of my hopes is to share more time with Lady L here. She has a new baby sister due to arrive any time now. She is excited and so are we. More to be thankful for.

She draws it out on her canvas in Charcoal.  I actually had her draw this one upside down. It keeps the brain from locking in and seeing things the way it THINKS it is instead of drawing what is really there.  She laughed thinking it was just pure fun.   She chose a viridian green to put behind her pink flowers and she began the tedious job called "THE BACKGROUND".  Groan, she does not like that part.  While green is a nice color, it is not pink and the artist wants her pink in hand.  Her grandfather stayed the course with her because I had begun a painting of my own.  She painted a good hour before she tuckered totally out and wanted to return to her house.  Little artists get tired after painting and need a run around the yard and swing time.  She sold three paintings last year and she is ready to do it again.


I began with a charcoal sketch and then some extender and varnish brushed on top of it.  From there I began playing with colors. Right now I am stuck as I lean more to abstract and not representational.  This usually is my heart frustration.  Trying to control way way too much.  So tomorrow is another day and I will see where this piece is heading.  It is like each layer is experience part of the spirit of the painting.  Eventually I will feel the peace that I have made that connection.


"The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. " Philippians 4:7