Sparking . Lady L and Oma . Sketches of Animals . One Liners . On the other side of Oz

Well Lady L and I are just 'sparking' away.  She giggled over all the sketches and images from last week.  She wanted to do some of her own and she did. We did zebras, horses, swans, kittens and giraffes.  The idea with this lesson it not to pick up your pencil from the paper until you are done. I call those 'one liners' . Very similar for me to contour drawing as well where you touch and draw but do not look at the paper and you do not lift your pencil.

Lady L is only five, soon to be six and she loves drawing and painting. She is very observant to details.  Her cats look like cats while mine...well maybe a dog/cat mixture?  I am not a cat person so perhaps that affects how I work on them as well.  Lady L's cats are all over this page and looking pretty content with life.  She really caught onto the idea of not lifting her pencil till she was done with the sketch of the animal we were doing. 


Lady L is definitely animated by the gift of the Spirit within.  Unlike me... she rarely feels sluggish or out of sorts. She is still young, exuberant and ready for life and joy.  On the other side of coin, I am ready for joy but not quite as fast to jump and run around the room like she is! We both have learned working together to expand our vision to see beyond the physical when we are drawing or painting.  Physical appearances are not always truthful representations.  By drawing these small sketches of animals in a loose new way, we both discovered a sense of joy in creating that did not have 'rules' with it.  With this came a deeper appreciation of our gifts. 



From this fun day we will look forward to tomorrow and see what comes to mind on our canvas or our sketch books.  I am working on some new techniques and approaches to the canvas. I am not at a point where I know if it is something to share or not.  It never works out like my preconceived idea of what is suppose to happen. I end up standing around and staring at it alot and praying myself to move forward. Trying to retain the loose, joyful approach to painting like we did with the mini animals is hard.   


Come Spark with us!



"Everyone whose spirit God had stirred - got ready to go up and rebuild the house of the Lord in Jerusalem." Ezra 1:5