Thoughts Escaping . Music Playing . Committing to a Higher Good . Laurie Pace

So the sketches continue and yes I just had to try a horse. and it was on the Pages 53 app.  It was fun.  I smiled when I did it and I am still smiling looking at it.  Even my SIL was moved by it when I shared it this week.  

If you keep up with my blog you know I am not in search of joy, but trying to live joyfully each day, and most of the moments in the day.  Even Terry is in on board with this now. It must be rubbing off.  He came in late last night before bed and sat on the couch in the bedroom and said, "You know I really love you. I do not like to disagree about things any more.  Lets try to live joyfully together all the time."  The man melts my heart.  He is not like this all the time but the one thing that always drew me to him was his heart, his goodness and his genuine laughter and love for life. He does not worry about ANYTHING like I do.  Not sure who will pay the bills if I give it up... hummm, maybe one of our adult kids could do that. They are all geared to the  'worry' age. 

So as I am playing with my art these days, I have had several 'ahah' moments. Thoughts of what to do on the canvas are tumbling through my head.  I know where I want to be but I also know that is NOT where I will end up.  As much as I try to control what I am doing on that canvas...I know it will NEVER be like I envision it.  So now is the time to buck up and be brave and just step up to the canvas and go for it.  I can accomplish whatever I set my heart to do with divine inspiration. The strength will be there and I must stay flexible during the journey to this vision. 


"Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24