Looking Forward. La Jolla Gallery . Laurie Pace . Never Ending Love

                                                                                                                             Never Ending Love by Laurie Pace © 2015 Graphics One Design  3 ft by 4 ft Oil on Canvas

                                                                                                                             Never Ending Love by Laurie Pace © 2015 Graphics One Design  3 ft by 4 ft Oil on Canvas

Looking Forward with Never Ending Love.  I have to take a step backwards to 2014 and the last week of the year. I was in the midst of trying to get something shipped to the La Jolla Gallery. I did ship out two black and white pieces painted in November but Liz wanted some larger pieces.   What you see above it the finished piece.  What you see next is part of the paintful process.

I am sure God just shakes his head at most of us and our constant antics in life. Heck, my own husband shakes his head in amazement at me often.  Beginning to realize maybe that is not good.  Perhaps this process, altho embarrassing to me, might be helpful in your journey somehow.

This was a new way to start a painting for me but I was being daring and brave.  Good right?  Maybe.  It did work out but watch the process. Up close you can see how thick the paint was and how the knife begins to drag through the paint creating mixes and slides of color.

When doing this I am usually grabbing a variety of colors and clustering groups together that I know will blend and putting some next door to each other that I predictably know will create tension as they blend.  Experience tells me most of this.  Terry has washed off many canvas when I get a muddied mess I cannot evolve with.  Usually I have a solid acrylic on the bottom surface of the canvas before I start.  BUT NOOO... not this time.  I was overly eager.

So as the paint begins to slide around on the surface, it takes about an hour to get it moving into some unknown pattern and direction.   I am really on a high now loving every part of this. I am a bit nervous knowing I am still working intuitively and knowing I need to relax. 



The bottom colors are not as dark as the picture indicates but they are deep blues with greens, violets and cranberry reds. The top left is all in golds and Indian Yellows while the center retains the colors of the sky with clouds. 

Oh my... I worked so hard and when I arrived here I could only say ...OH MY.  This was too trite and too forced and not at all what my vision was.  I was too controlling at this point. Outlined defined ponies without true motion.  The time was nearing 11 pm and I knew if I needed to wipe this canvas and move the paint again, I had to do it right then.  I was so tired... so I wiped it... and moved the paint around.  So painting on next came this one. 

It was after one in the morning... and I was so sleepy I could not keep my eyes open. Even the painted pulls were not making it for me.  So I gave up and went to bed.  Not sure if I slept or not...but by six I was back in the studio determined to move the paint.   I really prayed a lot in between while I laid in bed trying to rest.  I had done a small painting earlier in Dec in my small collections group.   

There was something I loved about this little painting and I wanted to capture that feeling. Was that even possible? I had to try. So inspired by this little one I pushed forward.   


You can see how the colors when they are mixed began to blend into earthtones and more subtle colors. It is a different palette from my normal bright palettes. I gave in and let my heart control the knife and threw out all preconceived ideas that I had.  Let it Go...Let if Flow. 

So from this point I arrived at the painting at the top of the blog.  I decided to call it Unending love but I believe I went with Never Ending Love.  I would not give up on the painting. It was a battle of my will against the spirit of the paint. While I did not win the battle, I did complete a beautiful, spirited painting.  


My faith and confidence soar when these happen. I am humbled quite a bit and realize with each one how very special they are.  I stay committed to use my gifts to the highest good. 


Christ is all and in all! Colossian 3:11