Three at the Watering Hole Contemporary Horse Painting by Laurie Pace

Three at the Watering Hole  © Laurie Pace 2012

Three at the Watering Hole  © Laurie Pace 2012

Three at the Watering Hole

24 x 36 inches   

Oil on Canvas

It is almost mid-morning and I have been painting in the studio today.  I did not bring my camera upstairs though so I cannot share progress, but I will perhaps tomorrow. The horses I am working on today were charcoaled onto the canvas about five days ago and I have literally been waiting patiently to paint.  I was up early this morning; I am showered and have wet hair curling wildly as it dries, pulled in clips from my face to keep it out of the painting process.  Terry was super great and had a protein drink ready for me an hour into the piece...and I returned to work another hour, just now breaking to prepare for the arrival of Lady L (Granddaughter} I am home schooling and lots of good things brewing in my heart waiting to return to the studio after twelve today. Lunch will wait!

Waiting is an interesting  word.  We get up each morning either tired and worn and not looking forward to the day, or we are up in excitement and anticipation of something special that day.  In the middle between the two risings is the one that is sweet, slow and easy.  My mother has been an inspiration to me always.  She is now 85 and moving through every day with grace...with God.  As she awakens each morning she begins her day with God.  God does not have to wait to hear from her.  (How long are you into your day before God crosses your mind?} She lingers in prayer covering her family, friends and needed supplications before she begins her morning stretches and exercising.  When she gets out of bed she is in that sweet slow and easy place of knowing the day is God's.  

Lady L starts her days with a song... 'Good Morning God, this is your day, I am your child, please show me the way."  I love hearing her little voice sing this small prayer.  I began using it with breathing exercises before rising each morning.  I pray for my family and our nation before I rise, and then again, when Terry and I do breakfast and bible study.   We have both learned we must 'wait upon the Lord' but we must not keep Him 'waiting' for us.   

Every relationship in life takes participation from all involved. It does not matter if it is a marriage, your time with God, your time at work, an artist and their canvas... everything takes active participation through prayers, thoughts, words and deeds.  Families today are constantly on the go with all the activities, work, meals, and more.  How do you begin to prioritize?  How can you possibly handle it all?  You cannot do it alone.  Your relationship with God provides you a peaceful place to feel his support and constant presence. 

My SIL  (Son in law) recommended this book Anxious for Nothing  by Johan MacArthur several years ago. With stress being number one with most of us in the American society... we need to figure it out and find a peace and joy in living again.  I have this book and have read it several times just to realign myself. 

Anxious for Nothing by John MacArthur

Anxious for Nothing by John MacArthur

When an artist goes to the canvas, if they feel pressured about the end result of something they have not even begun, that tensions will carry into the painting.  As an artist I find I battle with other issues like the worry of someone 'liking' the painting. That painting is so much a part of you and who you are, criticism hurts.  I have learned over the past years if I can keep myself out of the way and let the spirit work through me and enjoy the time (journey) at the easel, the painting takes on a life of itself. It works... the relationship works because I got out of the way. It was not about me, it was about a process and a journey.

Can you imagine feeling the freedom a child feels every single day?  Can you feel the pressure lifting off you with thoughts of so much responsibility not burdening you down every day?  You are being anxious for nothing.  Enjoy the book. You can buy it on Amazon or at your local bookstore.  More tomorrow.

Blessings and Abundance ....


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