Journey 28 x 42 Contemporary Horse Painting - Oil on Canvas by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Journey   28 x 42 inches Oil on Canvas  © Laurie Pace 2012

Journey   28 x 42 inches Oil on Canvas  © Laurie Pace 2012

As I get accustomed to blogging directly on my website blog, I will be repeating a few paintings from earlier years.  Of course they will be some of my favorites as well. People often ask me why I paint horses. It is pretty simple... they are magnificent. They have served man since the beginning of creation. They are loyal, loving and dependable. They are energy in motion. They are beautiful.  Each unique in their own way... looks and personality.  

Contemporary Horse Paintings are enjoyed by most viewers and I am blessed to have my work collected internationally. I am gearing up for some cooler weather next week and have worked this week laying out new media presence both here on my website and on my Google Blog as well. You will see some changes, but the love and beauty of horses remains in my studio.

Simple abundance to you... with God's richest blessings.