Horse 99 Snowflakes Happy New Year!

Horse 99 Snowflakes  5 x 7 Oil  © Laurie Pace

Horse 99 Snowflakes  5 x 7 Oil  © Laurie Pace

Happy New Year

I am still a bit behind with horse 99 and 100 but so close I must finish them out. Horse 99 is literally four shades of blue and white and came out very pretty and delicate.

As you greet this new year I want to pick back up on my idea to replace those resolutions that never seem to work.  Take the pressure off.  Take out some index cards and a pen or pencil and write a 'desire of your heart' down on each of them. Does not matter if you do one or ten, just do it.  Back in 1999 I filled out 15 cards. I was challenged by a friend to do this. I was coming through my forties like a war being fought in my mind and body with all the hormone changes.  I had been painting only about two years and was trying to find my way and the internet was still a new horizon.  Writing on my index cards was not.   First card. " I want a Passat ."  Pretty simple huh?  Second Card " I want to be able to shop alone without a panic attack".  (Yes I have suffered from Agoraphobia most of my life. Some years very debilitating and others rising above the fears.) Third Card "I want to begin selling my artwork.   Fourth card "I want to have my artwork in some galleries  Fifth Card  "I want to travel" etc   I think you see where I am going with this. Somethings you write down will be very personal...others very simple, others will be wants and not needs.   I did fifteen cards that year... Christmas of 1999. I have always been an overachiever.

 "Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

It was amazing over the next three to four years to go back to the cards every Dec and happily check them off. The first year I checked off seven out of 15. The second year I added a few more but on those originals...within three years it all had happened. I found myself putting my plans aside and trusting more in God's plans.  It is so hard not be controlling. It is hard to believe that things can change like that. I did not pray over them, I did not worry about them. I did not take them out and look at them during the years...only after Christmas as the new year rolled around.  I think just writing it down opened up possibilities in my heart and mind that things could happen to give me the desires of my heart...even the wants, not just the needs. Giving God back the control over the things I desired the most, and upping my time spent in prayer and meditation growing stronger in my faith.  He seemed to provide just what I needed when I was emotionally ready for it. Are you ready to write it all down for your own eyes to see it? Are you ready to vocalize the desires of your heart to yourself and to God?

I have some new cards filled out as of last night. My life has some changes right now and I am living it forward trusting He will light the path for my journey in 2015.