Horse 96 Standing in the Sun, Contemporary Palette Knife Horse Painting

Horse 96 Standing in the Sun  8 x 10 Oil   ©Laurie Pace 2014

Horse 96 Standing in the Sun  8 x 10 Oil   ©Laurie Pace 2014

Life is not black or white.  Life is filled with energy and emotions.  Happy, sad, joyful etc... we are literally filled with emotions. My work is super infused with emotions. On first site of this painting after I completed it, I realized this contemporary horse painting was done with a split color palette. Two thirds of the surface is connected on the color wheel, the red purple, the reds, oranges and yellow.  On the opposite third is a contrasting complementary color of green.  Hence the name split complimentary. This was not intentional. I rarely plan these little paintings out because they are the lead in to a larger painting on canvas. 

Sometimes I literally begin a painting with a color palette chosen but I can honestly tell you 100 percent of the time, it does not paint out that way.  Aren't our lives that way too? We need to feel in control and plan things out so carefully, but it never happens that way does it?

Have you ever had something ahead of you that brought on a bit of hesitancy or uneasiness? Could be a job or a meeting or even speaking before a group?  As much as you try to control the situation and plan ahead, you really cannot. You can be prepared only so much and then you have to allow the Spirit to guide you through.  When I am painting I find myself banishing the music from my thoughts and hearing the silence in my soul, waiting open to receive an understanding of direction with my painting. It is this that empowers me to be bold in Spirit. With that boldness comes an ease in my knife and an inner calm.  

Being bold in spirit does not mean pushing through the painting to MAKE it happen... as it won't happen.  Too many thrown away paintings testify to that. Being open and patient to allow God's Spirit to flow through will always bring out the best in everything you do. 


"Since, then, we have such a hope, we act with great boldness."  2 Corinthians 3:12

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